TBE Chile is a consulting and service company specialized in energy

and natural resources founded in year 2000 in Santiago, originally

as a joint venture with the Austrian company TBE Energiemanagement GmbH.


We aim to contribute to the Chilean market innovative, sustainable and economically feasible energy solutions in power generation, energy efficiency, as well as other related fields like water or waste management.

Depending on the specific project, TBE Chile takes the role of Consultant, Project Developer

or Business Developer.


Our main expertise lies in the development of renewable power projects, energy efficiency projects

for commercial clients, negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and  Waste to Energy projects.


When it comes to the development of power generation projects, we take special care that work

with local communities starts at a very early stage complying with international environmental

and community relations standards so that the projects are well integrated in the local Community.


We have a long track record cooperating with European companies allowing them to enter

and develop their business in Chile.



TBE Chile firmly believes in the importance of efficient networking as a way to share

our vision with third parties, as to be able to evolve and allowing us to provide the most innovative and complete solutions to our clients. We have established a network

of strategic partners in different areas, including private and public institutions.

Many of these partnerships are the result of many years of close cooperation.


   Energy efficiency                      Hydropower                        Wind power                         Photovoltaics                 Waste to Energy

Areas of Expertise



• Chilean, Civil Engineer PUC

   (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

• Master on Energy at Ecole de Mines de Paris, France.

• Founding partner of TBE Chile.

• Has a long track record on successful implementation

   of energy related projects through its different development


• Austrian, Magister in Economics and Business Administration

   from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien).

• Started his career in the recycling sector in Austria.

• He is founding partner of TBE Chile and has 17 years of experience

   in the Chilean energy market.




Christian Linsenmeyer