We provide a wide range of engineering services for power projects such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, design of control

and protection systems, telecommunications, etc. In addition we provide studies of power systems, dynamic stability and coordination of protection systems.



We seek to support the development of power projects by providing innovative engineering solutions. Our overall goal is to contribute

to an efficient, secure and trustworthy development of the Chilean energy market taking into consideration environmental aspects and sustainability.


Our Services

• Conceptual project design, basic and detailed engineering

   for renewable power projects

• Conceptual project design, basic and detailed engineering

   for transmission systems.

• Protection studies for electrical systems

• Electrical system studies for the connection of power projects.

• Impact analysis in the electric system of new generation

   or transmission installations

• Connections studies for small distributed generation projects

   (the so called “PMGDs”).

Our ExperiencE

Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the Chilean energy market developing a wide range of engineering solutions for power generation and transmission projects with a focus in renewable power projects.

Engineering Energy Projects