New lighting technologies allow for important improvements in the quality of light and at the same time allow for interesting economic returns. We support our clients in the design, selection and implementation of lighting systems according to their needs.


Implement lighting replacement projects for our comercial and industrial clients in order to improve the lighting quality of their work spaces and obtain important savings in their monthly energy bills. Depending on the commercial strategy of our clients, TBE lighting retrofit projects can be developed under shared savings contracts, where TBE assumes the investment required and the client pays a percentage of the savings.


Our Services

We first make a technical study on our clients existing lighting system, based on that, we design a new lighting system and manage all necessary steps to implement it.


Our company can offer a comprehensive Lighting Service Contract whereby a medium-term contract is signed with the client during which TBE finances and implements the retrofit and takes care about its maintenance and the client pays a fixed monthly fee. This system allows the client to obtain savings without investing.


Our Experience

TBE has implemented lighting retrofit projects in over 30 office buildings in Santiago.

Efficient Lighting