Across the globe, local governments are setting aggressive clean energy and carbon reduction targets and are supporting clean energy projects in order to reach the goals. However, in order to guarantee that these projects are well received by the local community, their involvement from the very start of the project development is key. Even more so, in many of these communities, the best ideas for achieving deep carbon reductions are coming directly from community members. TBE is well experienced in implemented a comprehensive community dialogue and technical assistance process that addressed all aspects of community outreach and engagement, as well

as technical, regulatory and policy analysis. 



Guide our clients in implementing community relations strategies which allow the successful building of renewable power projects including hydro power , wind, PV and WTE which at the same time contribute to the development of the local community.


Our Services

• Field studies and diagnosis of the social environment

of a infrastructure project under development.

• Development of community relation strategies.

• Implementation of a community relations program.


Our experience

TBE Chile has vast experience in working with local communities

in a dozen of renewable power projects, many of them located

in the South of Chile with the presence of indigenous population.

In order to comply with the highest international standards, TBE counts with a strategic partnership with one of the leading

companies worldwide in this field.

Community Energy Strategies